Mergers and Acquisitions

It's unfortunate, but most mergers fail. In fact, the numbers are so poor it would be appropriate to ask why any firm would ever want to do one. Several studies put the success rate at between 15-50%. That's not encouraging.

But the reality is yours can be different.


Consultants come in many shapes and sizes. If you want your merger to succeed, you'll need the expertise of professionals who have actually run the big operations. Had large organizations under their command. Needed to tie it all together, from labor negotiations to human resources, from operations integration to new corporate governance structures. Otherwise you'll spend each week filling out a new set of templates.

We create results, not paperwork.

We don't arrive with large teams full of additional workload for your executives. Instead, we'll tailor our participation to your requirements. We'll craft the objectives together and then design a consulting role that fits your organization. Why are we confident we can make this work for you? Simple. We've been there not as consultants, but as actual integration managers for some of the industry's largest acquirers.