Professional Pilot's Course: $1650

The course consists of 10 hours of ground school instruction and 5 hours of dual instruction in the Navajo. The ground school course follows the AIRXL Advanced Pilot Training Syllabus. Flight Training is tailored to your individual requirements based on location, training goals, and anticipated type of flying:

Airline Pilot Track:

Emphasizes crew operating fundamentals. The majority of flight training activities are conducted using the Pilot Flying (PF) – Pilot Not Flying (PNF) concept in two pilot operations.

Corporate Pilot Track:

Emphasizes single pilot operating fundamentals. The majority of flight training in this track is conducted using Single Pilot Concept (SPC) procedures. SPC cockpit management skills and planning are emphasized. Client support instruction is also provided, including introduction to charter and non-scheduled operations.

Professional Pilot Track:

Ideal for those pilots whose careers may involve assignments in both single pilot and crew environments. Flight training modules will offer exposure to both crew and single pilot operating environments.

Follow-On Training:

Graduates of any AIRXL Advanced Pilot Track may purchase additional flight training modules: 5 hours of additional aircraft instruction for $995. The Professional Add-On Module is the perfect way to expand on the skills acquired in your AIRXL training, and also provides an opportunity to build additional experience in either the Crew Concept or Single Pilot Concept environment.


All graduates of the AIRXL Professional Pilot Training Course receive the AIRXL Aviation Diploma, certifying completion of the training and recognizing their achievement in advanced aviation education.

Professional Proficiency Course: $225/ flight hour

AIRXL’s Professional Proficiency course is designed for multi engine, instrument rated pilots actively engaged in commercial or corporate aviation. We will tailor the flight regimen to your specific needs. For example, long-haul relief pilots may desire more exposure to crew-concept IFR operations, utilizing multiple instrument approaches to regain proficiency.

Each Professional Proficiency Flight receives a one hour briefing and one hour debriefing by your AIRXL instructor pilot. The briefings and debriefings will review achievements and progress during the flight, and also highlight opportunities for additional proficiency.

Executive Training Course: $250/ flight hour (minimum 3 flight hours per day)

AIRXL’s Executive Training Course is a comprehensive introduction to business aviation. Since each executive’s needs may be different, we’ll custom design an itinerary and training regimen to suit your typical mission profile. The course includes a 3 hour ground school session including flight planning, corporate aircraft economics, and the basics of leasing/ownership.

In addition to the trainee, up to 4 observers are allowed on each flight, and the observers are also welcome to receive instruction. It is important to note that the Executive Training Course is not designed as an aircraft charter. Though we will be pleased to design the training itinerary consistent with your business travel needs, the primary purpose of the course is flight training. Each course participant will receive ground and flight instruction, and we will provide you with a logbook annotating your progress toward FAA ratings and licenses. Inflight instruction will be conducted in accordance with the FAA Private Pilot certification guidelines (or advanced ratings if already licensed).